Q litter

My Q litter (4+2) was born 1996-04-07 by Ch Khalils Sa'Sebil Sag-I-Tazi ex Kashmanis Pandora.

I kept Kashmanis Qishta al Nafud, golden red, lure coursing and show CAC:s,  who became the mother of my V litter in 2002.

Kashmanis Qishta Al NafudKashmanis Qishta al Nafud

On left: Qishta young. On right: Qishta old (14 years)


The other in the litter were:

Kashmanis Qamar, black grizzle male, exported to the Netherlands, Racing champion

Kastmanis Qamar

Kashmanis Qamar



Kashmanis Qashayahr, black grizzle male

Kashmanis Qashayahr

Kashmanis Qarim Bey, black grizzle male

Kashmanis Qarim Bey


Kastmanis Qarim Bey 13 years

Kashmanis Qarib el Nigm, golden grizzle male

Kashmanis Qarib el Nigm

Kashmanis Quiyama Sag'I'Tazi, black fringed fawn bitch

Kastmanis Quiyama Sag'I'Tazi

More photos to come!

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